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Hey sweet peepsies

Welcome to my life!

Who would’ve thought I’d start a blog and tell the world some things about me, my life, my work…

Yet here we are and I can’t wait for this new experience to let its magic unfold!

I am not the youngest let alone the most comfy person around the internet… so who would’ve thought, I’d ever create a blog-post let alone planning on starting my very own blog.

Yet here I am trying to come up with a great line and failing… *lol (is anybody saying that anymore?)…

As my newsletter is in the making, I was thinking, why not put some of the contents I’ll be sharing with you here on my website.

My newsletter will be all about my life and especially my life as an illustrator. I want to share when I have something to celebrate and I want to show you how much work goes into everything.

If you haven’t already, go and join my newsletter here!

So happy to have you here, Peepsies! Have fun, look around and if you find something interesting let me know, if you miss something interesting same same!

Love, Polli

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