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Kissa Matcha*

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After changing my diet in 2013, I had to cancel coffee… so I was looking for something else to brighten up my mornings and it was then that I came across this new thing – matcha!

In these days it was difficult to get hold of good matcha and after some researching I came across this company called ayia matcha.

I switched from coffee to matcha … and it was … a love story!

But one with a rough start. First I hated it, but that probably wasn’t the matcha’s fault as at the same time I had to switch from normal milk to a plant based version.

I sold all my matcha and went without anything in the mornings for one year (still don’t know how I managed…). One year passed and I caved in and got back to coffee.

Over the course of the next couple of month I had health issues all again. I had to reduce my intake of coffee. So again, I came across matcha, now more popular than ever and I did try it again.

At the time, there was a new label springing off from aiya matcha – KISSA MATCHA!

And that was it! I totally got hooked and love my matcha ever since! I use to switch between coffee and matcha and it is just the best!

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Sometimes I go weeks just with matcha. Instead of making me hyper and at the same time tired like coffee used to, it gives me focus and my conscious feels more awake. And the best thing, I can drink it in the afternoon and still have the best sleep!

That never worked with coffee!

So first thing in the morning now is getting up and make myself my beloved matcha.

Start your day right with a matcha by your side!

Polli Pollender 2022

During the day, while sketching or reading or just chilling, I also love to have a matcha by my side.

And now, the best thing happend!

I have a very special something for you!

A code for you, which will give you a 10 % discount on your Kissa Matcha order. Go, have a look! You’ll find some more information on their Homepage.

If you are new to matcha, go try it and slowly increase the amount of matcha you put into your #matchalatte – if you are an oldie to matcha, go crazy!

Get 10% off at KISSA MATCHA here and don’t forget to add the code: tintentupferl10


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